Let me help you.
Available 24/7 to assist you with type of request.


You can get recomandation for the best restaurants, the best hotels, or the best things to do on the island. I can recommend events, concerts, parties as well where to find the best transportation for your needs. We never charge commission for our recommendations becuase we weant to make sure you get the best value.

Proactive Notifications

We are contionnous searching for the best activities you can do on the island, and every time we find something intersing I'm going to send you a message on Facebook Messenger to make sure you have access in real time and make the most of your trip.

I'm a robot

Most of my functions are completily automated. I'm using artificial inteligence to understand what you're saying, to search in real time for your requests. This is only to be able to give you real time and the best search results. But behind techonlogy there are a lot of people working to make your stay here awesome, from developers, to designers to customer support or project managers for your special requests.

How it works

Open your facebook messenger and tell me what you need.
Yes, as simple is that.